By adapting to the rapidly changing global economic scenario,agar group is poised to provide profitable opportunities to all its stakeholders through sustainable development.
     To become a champion in all our businesses and while being a thriving Pakistani business, using our global reach to engrave a prominent unsurpassed status among other global leaders.
About us:
Agar Group, established in 1974, comprising of Agar International (Pvt.) Limited along with its various specialized divisions and affiliated companies, has achieved the status of a prominent trading and distribution house and a trusted name in Pakistan and abroad. Agar Group of Companies holds a well established and vast network of clientele all over Pakistan and an infrastructure comprising state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, high-tech equipment and human resources. Agar Group generates over a quarter billion US dollars in trading volume and contributes almost a third fragment of it in tax revenue to the Government of Pakistan.
Agar Group believes in the core values of sharing its success with its trading partners and clientele through competitive pricing, unmatched services in the shape of continuous supply of raw materials to the industrial sector and by assuring an uninterrupted flow of commodities to the wholesale and the retail sectors of the country.
Agar Group, over the years, has achieved a reputation for dependability and has become a preferred source for a wide range of commodities, industrial raw materials and consumer products.
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