By adapting to the rapidly changing global economic scenario,agar group is poised to provide profitable opportunities to all its stakeholders through sustainable development.
     To become a champion in all our businesses and while being a thriving Pakistani business, using our global reach to engrave a prominent unsurpassed status among other global leaders.
Current Reality:
Agar International Pvt. Limited, from its very inception, has seen many changes in Pakistan’s economic conditions as well as in the world markets. By adapting to the rapidly changing global economic scenario, Agar Group has continued to maintain its leadership position in all its markets. During the current global changes in the economic climate affecting the entire world including Pakistan, Agar International Pvt. Limited is poised to apply its rich experience, market know-how and expertise in maintaining stability in the markets and providing profitable opportunities to its trading partners, clients and the end users of industrial raw materials and commodities.
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